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Claudy and raining from time to time. I am am on my way to the Cwm Deri Vineyard in Martletwy, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. About 10 - 15 minutes drive from Oakwood Theme Park. Cwm Deri Vineyard is not just a farm, but you`ll find there an restaurant which offers Lunch 7 days a week. Evening Meals Friday/Saturday. There is a wine tasting available at any time the restaurant is open, including over your evening meal in the restaurant.
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Various vines and liqueurs are available.
According to the friendly staff, bookings is highly recommended for Sunday Lunch & Evenings. 
Sitting in their restaurant, enjoying a great view our of the conevaroty, having a Caffee Latte and a Welsh Pasty. (£7.30)
Cwm Deri is aalso a licensed Wedding Venue, beside offering a no-children touring caravan and camping site.
Cwm Deri`s own wine and spirits may be bought at their restaurant store, beside Welsh cheese and other Welsh or locale produce.
Tasting some of their alcoholic drinks, I prefere myself Cwm Deri "Coffi Cymreig Liquer" and their "Elderport" Portwine 17% ABV. (20cl, £10.90 and 50cl, £18.50). Whiles the Portwine is Cwm Deri`s own produce, I strongly belive, that the Coffee Cream is bought from Penderyn (Wales only Whiskey Destilery), re-labeld and sold under the name Cwm Deri. 

Penderyn is selling it`s own "Merlin Welsh Cream Liquer" 70cl at a price of £18.76 / 17% ABV
Cwm Dery "Coffi Cymreig Liquer" (Welsh Coffee Liquer) is sold for £19.95, 50cl / 17% ABV
As I have tasted Pendreyn`s Merlin Liquer before, I am sure that this unique taste is a taste of Pendreyn.
Penderyn: "Merlyn is a unique, magical blend of the finest Welsh malted barley spirit and pure fresh dairy cream and has a wonderfully smooth, mellow and irresistible flavour. Merlyn is presented in a dark, rich, matte bottle with hand drawn calligraphy reflecting its smooth and mellow flavour."

As Mike, the manager of the vineyard admitted, whiles Ichatting with him, only wine is really produced at their winyard...
Still, Cwm Deri offers a broad and tasty range of various and unique Welsh wines. 
Cwm Deri Vineyard, Wales, Pembrokeshire,
Entrance to the vineyard.
I recommend Cwm Deri`s vineyard for nice days out, good food or even for honeymoon.
My stars: 4*****
Open 11am-5pm from March 1st - October 31st, 11am-4pm in November, December and February, Jan - Closed.
Telephone: 01834 891274 
SA67 8AP
Use postcode in your Sat Navigation only until you see one of the "Cwm Deri Vineyard" ( Brown Signs)
- Remo -


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