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6-12 months before the wedding date
  • Firm up date for the wedding
  • Select destination
  • Interview and hire wedding planner

3-6 months before the wedding
  • Choose attire (clothing, shoes, jewelry) for bridal party
  • Hire musicians and DJ and select music to be played
  • Interview and hire photographier and/or videographer.
  • Visit potential accommodations and block rooms for bridal party, family, and out of town guests
  • Select location for rehearsal dinner and wedding reception
  • Sample food for dinner and reception and choose caterer

1-3 months before the wedding
  • Have invitations printed and addressed
  • Arrange for guest "accommodations" at the wedding (chairs, tents, sound system, portable toilets)

1 month before the wedding
  • Order decorations for wedding area
  • Purchase and wrap gifts for bridal party and favors for guests.  


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